Friday, March 20, 2009

Joe Edington and kandi sales of vancouver, washington are paid confidential informants or snitches for vancouver police department

District Court of Clark County
State of Washington

State of Washington


Taskey, Kristine Pamela
Sales, Edwin Kenneth

State of Washington,
Clark County,

The people of the state of Washington, to any Sheriff, Police Officer, or Peace Officer in Clark County: Proof by written affidavit, under oath, made in conformity with the state of Washington Criminal Rules for Justice Court, rule 2.3, having been made to me this day by Joseph Allen Edington, (paid Confidential Informant of the Vancouver Police Department here in the city of Vancouver, in the county of Clark, in the state of Washington) that there is probable cause for the issuance of a search warrant on the grounds set forth in the State of Washington Criminal Rules for Justice Court, rule 2.3, Section (c).

Edington has remained employed as a C.I. since 10-03-2003. Joseph. Edington has proven himself to be a reliable source of information. Edington has made numerous successful drug purchases here in Clark County, Washington and he wishes to continue to do so. You are therefore commanded, with the necessary and proper assistance, to make a diligent search, good cause having been shown by VPD's C. I. Joseph Allen Edington-therefore, of the following described property, within 10 days of the issuance of this warrant as a one story manufactured home, being cream in color with a dark brown trim and a blue in color front door with the specific address of 4601 NE Leverich Park Way, City of Vancouver, Clark County, State of Washington, including the cartilage thereto.

Edington has stated that all rooms are to be searched, and all other parts therein, and to search any storage rooms, safes, trash containers, storage containers, and surrounding grounds located on the premises, and all vehicles parked in the driveway, in front of the premises, or nearby or adjacent to the location provided that these vehicles can be connected to the defendants.

Also to be searched is Kristine Pamela Taskey, date of birth June 16, 1969, being a white female, approximately 5.7”, weighing approximately 135 pounds, with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Edington reports that Taskey is second in command to Sales.

A second Confidential Informant, working with Joseph A. Edington is Kandy Mae Sales, sibling to Edwin Kenneth Sales, has also shown herself to be a reliable source of information. Kandy Sales has done no harm to the Vancouver Police Department. Kandy M. Sales has asked to be paid for any further information regarding her brother and his wife. She has been added to the payroll for this case only.

On May 19, 2006 Joseph Allen Edington called the Vancouver Police Department, at the Central Precinct, to volunteer some information on 2 subjects who were selling/manufacturing Methamphetamines within the city of Vancouver, Washington. Edwin Kenneth Sales and Kristine Pamela Taskey were named as the 2 subjects involved. Edington and Kandy Sales made four(4) purchases of methamphetamines from Edwin K. Sales-dated & recorded separately through-03/2006 to 10/2006.

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